Sylvia Kingman

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Sylvia is MD of StepUp4Coaching Ltd that she founded over 20 years ago upon the firm belief that coaching has the ability to transform peoples’ lives. Today this belief is even stronger than ever. Her core business is coaching senior leaders and teams across the globe, designing and facilitating Leadership Programs and developing internal coaching pools for businesses.

Sylvia has an MBA with distinction, is a qualified Coach and ICF accredited Supervisor of Coaches.

Sylvia’s coaching is steeped in a deep understanding of business strategy and operations, organisational culture and learning in fast moving global environments. She works systemically to help individuals and teams to make sense of the VUCA world, to recognise the intangibles and to overcome self-limiting beliefs that can inhibit performance. She supports her clients to generate greater self-awareness and insight into their impact and their own personal sense of purpose.

She has a unique coaching style – coaching the whole person – not just the work persona to help her clients achieve their true potential. She establishes credibility quickly with even the most sceptical people and helps them achieve the results they are seeking, both in business and personally. Sylvia combines warmth and empathy with challenge, to great effect and can be relied upon to use her good sense of humour to help people regain perspective.

She has worked across the globe from the US to Russia and really appreciates the rich learning from different cultures. Sylvia’s clients include PwC, Astra Zeneca, Saint Gobain, Philips and DLL, as well as the UK Home Office.

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