Business strategy

Developing a strategy for your business is all about finding ways to create a competitive advantage vis-à-vis rival firms – you need to create a distinctive profile, breaking with the conventional way of doing things. This means you need to understand developments in the industry, while simultaneously doing some things contrary to the trends that others are following. We work together with management teams to analyze the rules of the game in the market and to seek opportunities where those rules can be broken. In this process, we can facilitate and ask the right questions, but you need to remain in control and make up your own mind.

Your objectives

  • Determining the competitive strategy for the business
  • Gaining a better understanding of industry trends & competitors’ moves
  • Analyzing strengths, weaknesses and risks of strategic alternatives
  • Securing participation and support from key people in the firm
  • Translating strategic choices into implementable action plans

Our solutions

  • Coordination of business strategy development process
  • Facilitation of workshops, discussions and brainstorming sessions
  • Support in data gathering and analysis
  • Offering of the appropriate tools and methodologies to frame issues
  • Summary of business strategy in an easy to communicate format
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