Corporate universities

Many companies know that becoming a learning organization means more than just offering a number of training courses. They have created a corporate university, combining training, best practice exchange, learning communities, master-apprentice mentorships and applied research into products and methods. We have extensive experience in supporting companies in setting up and running such corporate universities.

Your objectives

  • Ensuring continuing company-specific management development activities
  • Building and maintaining a high level of functional skills
  • Exchanging knowledge and best practices between employees
  • Building a shared culture and a strong sense of community
  • Developing better practices and innovating the business model

Our solutions

  • Running a logical series of management development programs
  • Designing a portfolio of training programs around key functional skills
  • Enabling knowledge exchange through communities, seminars & webtools
  • Encouraging skill and culture transfer through mentoring programs
  • Facilitating a targeted set of business method research projects
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