Alliance & partnerships

No company can be successful on its own – it needs suppliers, investors, distributors, technology partners, service providers – a whole ecology of support firms to let it thrive. Some relationships can be treated as arm’s length transactions, but in other cases very tight collaboration is needed to reach results. We help firms to determine the best approach to inter-organizational partnerships and can facilitate the development of strategic alliances.

Your objectives

  • To build a number of strategic alliances with key partners
  • To formulate a coherent network strategy vis-à-vis key stakeholders
  • To analyze the strategy, intentions and capabilities of potential partners
  • To develop the ability to manage strategic alliances successfully
  • To have managers skilled in the art of alliance management

Our solutions

  • Coordination of the network level strategy process
  • Facilitation of workshops, discussions and brainstorming sessions
  • Support in data gathering and analysis
  • Offering of the appropriate tools and methodologies to frame issues
  • Training managers in alliance management
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