Leadership development

Leadership development is more than training. Firms must know what type of leadership they need and want. They must have a view of the strategic direction of the firm and contrast this with the talent in the leadership pipeline, to identify leadership development priorities. One corrective measure can be training, but issues such as recruitment, retention, performance measurement, rewards and succession planning are also key. We help firms to make the crucial link between strategy and HR, by supporting the translation of their strategic objectives into leadership development policies.

Your objectives

  • Creating a business-driven leadership development policy
  • Ensuring ownership of the leadership development by top management
  • Linking the overall leadership development policy to the corporate training approach
  • Strengthening the corporate culture via the right leadership
  • Making HR a stronger business partner for line management

Our solutions

  • A structured approach to the process of leadership development
  • Tools and methodologies for analyzing leadership development issues
  • Guidance in linking strategy development to leadership development
  • Facilitation in linking leadership development policy with training activities
  • Training for HR managers to become more strategic business partners
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