Training services

We offer a broad range of services oriented towards individual and organizational learning. We understand how adults learn in a business environment and we offer everything from structured training programs to special events.

Our Approach
The way we work is characterized by four key elements:

  1. Being business-driven. In all of our services, we take a company’s business objectives as starting point and design the learning environment accordingly. Strategic, organizational and/or leadership change issues are often the focus of the program, instead of only focusing on improving the competences of individuals.
  2. Blending thinking and doing. Adults learn by reflecting on their current practice, comparing it to theory and then trying out new ideas in practice. Therefore, we always blend "classroom learning” with on the job “action learning”.
  3. Making state of the art theory practical. We offer cutting edge knowledge in our fields of expertise, but always focus on ways to translate powerful concepts into tangible methods that can be used in practice.
  4. Having own integrators and network of specialists. All training services are run by our own people, who take responsibility for integrating all elements into the service required by the client. However, we also have an extensive network of partners and specialist that we call on to fill in specific program elements where needed.
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