Mission & culture

A mission is not merely something formulated during an afternoon and hung on the wall. It is a shared set of principles and joint sense of purpose that propel the organization forward. A real mission is central to a strong corporate culture, creating a feeling of community and giving people clear guidelines as to what is expected of them. Culture is not soft – it is much “harder” to build than factories and IT systems. We help firms to map their implicit mission and culture, and we support them to formulate programs to take them “from good to great”.

Your objectives

  • To formulate a powerful and inspiring mission statement
  • To clarify the fundamental beliefs, values and purpose underpinning the firm
  • To translate these principles into tangible behavioral norms
  • To build a strong sense of community, belonging and meaning
  • To know how to strengthen culture over time

Our solutions

  • Guiding the process of mapping the current mission and culture
  • Facilitating workshops and discussions to formulate a mission statement
  • Creating programs to formulate and implement behavioral norms
  • Providing training on cultural change management
  • Coaching individual managers on being cultural change agents
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