Consulting services

We offer a broad range of services to support firms in the development and deployment of their strategy. We understand that firms do not want to outsource their strategizing to consultants, but can benefit greatly from expert facilitation.

Our Approach

The way we work is characterized by four key elements:

  1. Facilitation-oriented. While most consultants do the thinking for you and then produce a thick report, we believe in helping managers to design the strategies themselves. Our role is to drive the process, guard the schedule, ask the right questions and structure the outcomes.
  2. People-oriented. Successful strategies are not derived from extensive data crunching. They are invented by entrepreneurial managers with a good feeling for the business. Therefore, we focus on getting the best team of creative thinkers together and then select the data they need.
  3. Challenge-oriented. The biggest barrier to strategic thinking is that most people have become accustomed to the current “rules of the game”. Therefore, we focus on identifying fixed beliefs and support managers in challenging the rules and being innovative.
  4. Communication-oriented. Successful deployment hinges on broad understanding of the strategy throughout the organization. Therefore, we emphasize involvement of key individuals in the strategy-making process and offer a variety of means to communicate the core message to all other employees.
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