To realize our vision we have developed a more detailed strategy composed of four key elements, each directed at one of the four stakeholder groups of our organization. Scroll down to read all four parts of our strategy.

Business clients

When it comes to winning and serving business clients, the strategy we follow is characterized by four key elements:

  1. Long-term relationship: We pursue a lasting relationship with our clients, as this allows us to have a deep understanding of their challenges and makes it possible for us to ensure follow up. We emphasize client relationship continuity.
  2. Broad range of services: We can offer a number of aligned training and consultancy services, to leverage our experience of client's needs. We emphasize client proposition consistency.
  3. Business & HR contact: In linking strategy and leadership issues, we need the support and cooperation of both line management and the strategic HR officers for the optimal result. We emphasize dual client contacts.
  4. Word-of-mouth marketing: As our services require a high amount of client trust, our reputation is vital. Positive clients willing to actively refer us to others is therefore the preferred route to growth. We emphasize client's active references.

Program participants

When it comes to serving the needs of managers participating in our training programs and consultancy projects, our strategy is characterized by the following four elements:

  1. Firm & individual development: Our programs are business-driven, supporting specific company goals, yet simultaneously allow managers to pursue their own growth goals . We combine corporate & personal objectives.
  2. Safe & demanding environment: Participants need to feel at ease to move outside of their comfort zone. We provide an intellectual free zone, allowing us to confront existing ideas & behaviors . We combine security & challenge.
  3. Expert & peer learning: Participants can learn a lot from a challenging expert, but also from each other. Hence, we encourage exchange through group work and discussions. We combine vertical & horizontal learning.
  4. Conceptual & action learning: While some participants learn best by observing or discussing, others prefer acting and experimenting. Following Kolb's learning cycle, we blend both methods. We combine thinking & doing.

Scientific community

When it comes to making a contribution to the scientific community, our strategy is also characterized by four key elements:

  1. Critical engagement: We want to be intensively involved in scientific progress, but at the applied research end of the continuum, challenging those at the fundamental side to remain relevant. We want to contribute tothe scientific debate.
  2. Deductive application: We want to use new scientific insights to develop more effective methods and tools for practitioners, thus also informing researchers about their concepts' applicability. We want to contribute topractical translation.
  3. Inductive formulation: At the same time, we want to use real life cases to identify poorly understood phenomena and suggest potential explanations and/or models. We want to contribute to theory building.
  4. Publish & cherish: Instead of 'publish or perish', we want to publish selectively, where the impact on the international audience of practitioners and/or theorists is highest. We want to contribute to impactful literature.

Business associates

When it comes to recruiting and retaining people and partner firms to work with us, our strategy is characterized by the following four key elements:

  1. Mission & vision fit: To work together fruitfully, there must be enough commonality of attitudes. Therefore, we seek associates who strongly sympathize with our mission and vision. We emphasize shared principles.
  2. Competence complementarity: At the same time, we want associates to bring in different views, capabilities and experiences, to challenge us and to enrich our collective competences. We emphasize diverse inputs.
  3. Earning while learning: We want to work with associates who understand commercial requirements, but are more inspired by serving our stakeholders & developing themselves. We emphasize intrinsic motivation.
  4. Word-of-mouth marketing: It is mainly not what associates say, but what they do that counts. Therefore, we rely heavily on networking to spread our reputation and to get to know others. We emphasize active references.
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