Organization development

Organization development is about improving an organization’s ability to work effectively and efficiently as a system. It is not about restructuring, but about competence building – upgrading the systems in the firm to plan, implement, measure, learn and reward. The ability of a firm to implement a new strategy depends more on its organizational sophistication than on its pure willingness to change. Less capable organizations will find change much more distressing than robust and flexible ones. We help firms to proactively build their capabilities to become strong and agile organizations.

Your objectives

  • To improve the business planning & performance management system
  • To strengthen continuous business process improvement capabilities
  • To fortify the recruitment and talent management system
  • To further develop the corporate learning capability
  • To get better at the management of organization development

Our solutions

  • A structured approach to the process of organization development
  • Tools & methods for analyzing organization development issues
  • Guidance in linking strategy development to organization development
  • Facilitation of policy determination and priority-setting workshops
  • Training for managers responsible for organization development
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