Vision development

Strategizing is not about projecting the current situation into the future, but about reinventing that future. The starting point of strategy-making is envisioning an attractive potential organization that can work as an ambitious beacon during the further process of “creating the future”. We are specialized in getting management teams to shape a common inspiring vision that is both challenging and realistic.

Your objectives

  • Creating a strategic vision for the firm
  • Giving people in the firm a simple compelling sense of direction
  • Getting the management team / organization to embrace the shared direction
  • Kicking off a broader strategy development process
  • Inspiring people to contribute ideas/initiatives to realize the vision

Our solutions

  • Vision development workshops for 2-200 people
  • Simple creative methodology to structure the visioning process
  • Results captured in pictures / diagrams for communication
  • Work groups can be used to prepare inputs
  • Leads to prioritized strategic agenda of follow-up issues
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