Karin Feteris

Core Team Member
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Since the very beginning, Karin Feteris has been office manager at the Center for Strategy & Leadership. There is no denying that she is the center of the Center, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

She started her career at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam as a secretary for the Rotterdam Institute for Social Science & Policy Research (RISBO). After that she stayed within the Erasmus University, working for the Faculty of Public Administration. After eight years in the academic world, she worked for four years for a research company, B&A group, in The Hague. She has been part of the core team of our organisation for more than 20 years.

Karin enjoys the challenge of the dynamics surrounding various projects running simultaneously. Flexibility and independence are two of her primary characteristics which fit perfectly to the daily challenges as an office manager. As she never stops developing herself, Karin succesfully followed a coach training in 2012.

Karin is married and in her spare time she loves cooking, designing and making clothes, riding her motor bike through Europe, and visiting hard rock festivals. For years, she has been doing volunteer work in a summercamp for children with disadvantaged background. She has been a certified miller since 2022. She grinds grain into flour a on a voluntary basis. For her it is important to honor both the windmill and the profession of miller.


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