Alexandra Blackman

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Alexandra is associate partner at the Center for Strategy & Leadership, where she specializes in executive coaching and guiding organizations through processes of transformational change. She works with individuals, teams and groups and is at her best when people need reflection and support in dealing with shifts in strategy, reorganizations and cultural change.

Alexandra studied at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and has a Master’s degree in Social and Organizational Psychology. Additionally, she completed the ’Managing Changes in Organizations’ program at SIOO (the Dutch foundation for Organizational Studies). Using these inputs, and blending them with her years of experience as a manager and coach, she recently wrote a practitioner’s book called 7 paths – handbook for personal development (in Dutch: Zeven paden. Excelleren in kwaliteiten, July 2014).

Alexandra has held several managerial and staff positions, among others at Content, Postbank, ING and Nationale-Nederlanden. In these roles, she noticed that there were often tensions between the interests of the organizations on the one hand and the interests of employees on the other. Her mission has become to integrate these interests, hereby enabling employees and organizations to grow and function optimally.

Alexandra has the ability to quickly analyze and determine the key issues preventing organizations and their employees to develop and grow. The human aspect is always central in her approach. She initiates lasting change by giving insights into existing organizational patterns and individual processes. Her philosophy is to work without prejudgment or prejudice, on the basis of equality, making sure ample room is available for the individual issues of each participant.  Examples of companies in which she has coached teams and/or individuals in recent years are: Leiden University Medical Center, De Baak, SIOO, Hogeschool Inholland, ID College, Océ, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken (Dutch Ministry for the Interior), ZilverenKruis Achmea and Danone.

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