DHV University

Rademakers M. (2014)

DHV University is the corporate university of the global consultancy and engineering agency DHV Group (currently merged into the Royal Haskoning DHV Group). The DHV University case shows how organizational learning can play a key role in exploring, shaping and – eventually –realizing strategy. DHV University has developed two management development programs: the EDP (Executive Development Program) at the corporate level, and the MDP (Management Development Program) at the business level. Management development and strategy formation go hand in hand, and the two programs are interconnected: Corporate strategy development in the EDP forms the framework for the business strategies developed in the MDPs. As a result, instead of slowing down due to the complex and worldwide presence of the organization, DHV has managed to enhance agility. The organization has increased its ability to adapt in both local and worldwide markets. It is safe to say that the (large) financial investments in the programs have been amply recovered, if only by the synergy benefits that were indentified and realized by the participants between the various businesses. Consequently, courage and leadership of the DHV Group’s senior management to follow this path of strategy formation and implementation are rewarded. The impact of the DHV University programs turned out to be even greater than expected by the company leaders:

“We are amazed by the growth this focused and interactive program has led to. MDP alumni have proven themselves to be leaders within the organization and have proactively utilized opportunities and initiatives that support the strategy.”

Keywords: strategy, corporate university, organizational learning

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