Rudy Klopsch

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Rudy Klopsch is associate partner at the Center for Strategy & Leadership, where he works as trainer in leadership development programs and coaches managers and professionals to increase their personal impact, effectiveness and work pleasure.

Rudy is also member of manemo, a business consultancy co-operative in his home town of Munich that is specialized in the areas of sustainability, change management, performance improvement and leadership development. Here he supports companies on their way to long-term sustainability, focusing on the combination of strategic and operational leadership. Besides business consultancy, he also coaches and trains individuals.

Furthermore, Rudy is a Senior Trainer at Materne Training, a leading Communication Training Institute in Germany, where he is active in the areas of leadership, team building, interpersonal communication and presence. He also regularly teaches social skills programs at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Rudy’s career has been quite varied. He completed his civil service by working for the police, but then moved to Southeast Asia, spending more than ten years in Singapore and Vietnam. In Saigon, he started his own trading company and also moved into consultancy. After moving back to Munich, Rudy worked as manager at Avaya, a leading American communication technology firm, and then became regional director in one of the ten largest German temporary employment agencies, Runtime Services, with responsibility for more than 200 employees. In 2007 he decided to follow his heart and switched to training and coaching. 2011 he added consultancy to his activities by launching manemo with a few partners.

Just recently, Rudy became father of a little boy. The little time he has left, he divides between meditation and fast motor biking in the Alps. He also has a soft spot for scotch single malt whisky, traveling Asia and yoga (preferably at the same time).

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