David-Jan Romijn

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David-Jan Romijn is associate partner of the Center for Strategy & Leadership. He is specialized in strategy formulation, implementation/change and realisation, as well as a practical teacher for management teams and individuals. He studied food technology and management and holds an MBA in global e-commerce.

For 15 years, David-Jan worked mainly for large American industrial food companies like Cargill and ADM. His last position was vice-president of the cocoa division (covering plants in The Netherlands, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Singapore, China, UK and Poland) in combination with a position as a general manager of the Dutch business.

In 2000, David-Jan, together with a business partner, started a hands-on consultancy firm focused on supporting executive management in the alignment of strategy, business goals and management. From the start their services were directed at interim management, change processes, cultural integration and people development. He is working with Ron Meyer since 2002 executing programmes on strategy and leadership in a diverse range of companies and industries.

David-Jan has five children together with his partner and likes to keep a healthy work/life balance. Culture, history, society and healthy food are his main interests.

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