Meyer's Maxim #98

Toxic leadership results in lead poisoning.

Meyer's Maxim #95

Political support is like ice cream – be quick as it will melt as soon as things heat up.

Meyer's Maxim #96

In most organizations central services don’t create synergies but sinergies.

Meyer's Maxim #97

Decision-making is like child-making; machos think it takes five minutes, but successful incubation takes months.

Meyer's Maxim #94

When irritated by someone, go for peace of mind over piece of mind.

Meyer's maxim #93

The first step to leadership is feeling responsibility for the team not only for yourself.

Meyer's Maxim #92

To convince people to repair the roof while the sun is shining, get them to envision heavy rain.

Meyer's Maxim #91

Judgment is like a butcher’s knife, great for dissecting, not for using on your friends.

Meyer's Maxim #90

Neither unwillingness nor inability, but unfocused attention, is the main threat to strategic change.

Meyer's Maxim #89

Monopoly and monotony have a monogamous relationship.