Meyer's Maxim #171

It’s easier to get all shareholders than all stakeholders on board of a new strategy.

Meyer's Maxim #170

Restructuring is about changing boxes and lines, reorganizing about changing people and behaviors.

Meyer's Maxim #169

A strategic vision is the future you see when you close your eyes.

Meyer's Maxim #168

Whether you like it or not, anyone who thinks they have a stake is immediately a stakeholder.

Meyer's Maxim #167

Compliments are mightier than comments.

Meyer's Maxim #166

Leaders can’t be developed, only supported in developing themselves.

Meyer's Maxim #165

People say they value modesty in a leader, but in reality they value success.

Meyer's Maxim #164

Status is like wine – drink, but don’t get drunk.

Meyer's Maxim #163

A bit of status is invigorating, a lot is intoxicating.

Meyer's Maxim #162

Beware of deescalating disagreements by finding fuzzy words that mask the difference of opinion.