Meyer's Maxim #119

Mothers, fathers and corporate centers seldom have a clear understanding of their own parenting style.

Meyer's Maxim #118

Few activities are as disengaging as filling out an engagement survey.

Meyer's Maxim #117

Professors teaching management are like priests giving marriage lessons.

Meyer's Maxim #116

The term “human resources” is so 1984 – both the year and the book.

Meyer's Maxim #115

A healthy organizational diet is light on meet.

Meyer's Maxim #114

The best way to build a bridge between two opposing views is to start from both sides.

Meyer's Maxim #113

Don’t ‘have a dream’, vague and surreal, but develop a vision, tangible and challenging.

Meyer's Maxim #112

With both vehicles and organizations, reckless is the opposite of wreckless.

Meyer's Maxim 111

While the harsh judgment of others can make you feel unsafe, it is your own that makes you feel insecure.

Meyer's Maxim #110

Written rules are the law; unwritten rules are the culture.