Meyer's Maxim #144

Justifying your behavior doesn’t make it just.

Meyer's Maxim #143

Good strategists beat the competition, but great strategists avoid them.

Meyer's Maxim #142

Executed poorly, buy & build acquisitions quickly become buy & killed.

Meyer's Maxim #141

Most managers are business savvy but organizationally naïve.

Meyer's Maxim #140

The third rule of corporate strategy: Centralization only seems a good idea to those sitting at the center.

Meyer's Maxim #139

Strategies can develop in an emergent way but shouldn’t develop in an emergency way.

Meyer's Maxim #138

For organizations to go from “good to great”, leaders must go from god to guide.

Meyer's Maxim #137

Warm families are shaped by relationships, efficient bureaucracies by procedures, effective teams by a mix of both.

Meyer's Maxim #136

Ambition and ambivalence are opposite drivers of behavior.

Meyer's Maxim #135

A strategy set on paper can be as rigid as a strategy set in stone.