Meyer's Maxim #190

To kiss ass, or to kick ass, that is the question.

Meyer's Maxim #189

Effective leaders count on people but also hold them to account.

Meyer's Maxim #188

Leaders who empower don’t let go but hold on differently.

Meyer's Maxim #187

You can sense someone’s organizational weight by how long they let you wait.

Meyer's Maxim #186

Organizations aren’t machines that can be retooled by engineers, but teams that need to be reinvigorated by coaches.

Meyer's Maxim #185

Effective leaders don’t focus on getting reports, but on getting rapport.

Meyer's Maxim #184

A mission is not the project you want to accomplish, but the calling you want to live by.

Meyer's Maxim #183

Experience is a mixed blessing, as the source of both wisdom and prejudice.

Meyer's Maxim #182

Finding a scapegoat is easier than finding a solution.

Meyer's Maxim #181

Artificial intelligence is the contraction of “artful but superficial intelligence”.